What We Do

What We Do



We align strategic imperatives to tactical execution with our cutting-edge training programs that include keynotes, team building, workshop, leadership development, OKRs, and  operating model implementation for turn around or financial sustainment. 

Our programs empower leaders to improve learning and performance through operational excellence and human factors. We leverage the same principles of teaming, accountability, and continuous improvement that we utilized in our executive and special operations careers to drive performance and success.

The ATS Difference


 Our engagements are designed to align your operational metrics directly to your financial leading indicators using a wholistic approach that drives execution excellence across your whole ecosystem through psychological safety, human factors,  sustained engagement and an iterative mental model. 

Having operated in VUCA environments for over two decades we understand how to navigate, mitigate and dominate complexity through a simple and iterative process that empowers you to overcome cognitive overload, bias, and cross cultural collaboration and teaming.

Our Expertise


 Our team has an in depth and impressive mix of combat experience and professional acumen. We represent a wide range of professional expertise, from former Navy SEALs turned PhDs to  CTOs and turn around experts as well as executive leadership consultants and coaches. AT Solutions uses proven mental models of elite military professionals and 10x startup executives working with your team to achieve success in your constantly changing business. Let us use our experience to drive your operational excellence and teach you to overcome cognitive bias, and develop what we call the 1% of team performance.

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